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We’ve prequalified a pool of talented professionals to serve as your brand ambassadors.  Tap into our talent bench and deepen your own.

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Sourcing Options

We offer full project outsourcing and self-managed staff augmentation, which simply means you utilize our platform to select qualified candidates to work your projects.

We specialize in omnichannel professional services within the contact center industry.

Project Outsourcing

Statement of Work (SOW) model

Self-Managed Workforce

SaaS pay-for-use licensing model

Right Talent

A simple turnkey solution for launching a contact center starts with having the right gig-worker engaging with your consumers.

Take a more modern approach towards getting the right work to the right person, and level up your business.

Novel CX Score

CX Score
Customer Service
Health Care

We create persistence of performance across all work types, industries, and customers utilizing our Novel CX Scoring algorithm.

This system organically pushes our gig workers to perform their best on each interaction.

  • Auto reject applicants based on their aggregate score, or the dimensions underpinning that score.
  • Automate invoicing bonuses for higher tiered talent.
  • Intelligent real-time routing of engagements utilizing the CX score or it's dimensions.

Gamification - Leveling System

Native gamification and awards system that allows our workforce to ‘level up’ based on their performance across all customer contracts.

  • Allows worker to earn bonuses, awards and new work channels based on performance.
  • Keep critical projects away from lower leveled candidates to ensure time-proven workers care for your most sensitive engagements.
  • Intelligent real-time routing of engagements utilizing the CX score or it's dimensions.