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Time tracking, scheduling and monitoring made simple.  Track punches, worker states, adherence to schedules and much more.

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Novel CX Scheduler
Novel CX

Advanced Scheduling Simplified

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A feature-rich approach towards tracking user’s time, logged-in time, and various activities and states.

Stand-alone or connected to the user’s phone system for in-depth time tracking.

  • Punch-in and punch-out
  • Track activities by project and campaign
  • Visualize tracked time
Time Keeping

Detailed Activity History

Logs manual and automated state changes for users.

Visual Activity History

Compare scheduled activity vs tracked time

User Input

Describe the activity being completed – useful when timing activities

Activity Associations

Link activities and user states’ to projects and campaigns

Punch-in and Out

Track total working time

Predefined States

Choose from various states which can be configured for billing, productive or non productive and various other dimensions.

Connect states to Novel CX Cloud Contact Center

Adherence &

Activity vs Scheduled

Scheduled View

View or interact with a shift and it’s various activities

Supervisors and managers are able to efficiently make corrections as required

Visual Activity History

Ensure you’re on track with the day’s plan in real-time

  • Visually compare scheduled activities vs actual activities
  • Visual editor for punch and activity corrections
  • Role based views that roll-up for supervisors and managers

User States

  • Create dynamic states for your users
  • Multiple dimensions of each state to enhance analytics ultimately helping you plan more effectively
  • Control who sees what by function and work group
Schedule States

Add States

Create new states and activities for your users to enter, then configure how these states are utilized, reported and processed in your workflows

Productive or Not?

Productive counts user time to your models, billable invoices, and drives your reporting

Preplanned or Not?

When reviewing analytics, it helps to know if events and activities were planned or unplanned.. it’s how you get better.

Selectable by Users?

Not all states should be made available to your front end user

Available to Work Types

Allows segmentation of user states to some or all projects and campaigns

Time Off
Vacation Planning

Two distinct periods with their own workflows that control how time off is approved.

Grant users time off, then control how that time off is applied to scheduled and unscheduled periods.

  • Grant users time off – accrued or annualized
  • Automatically approve time off by project and campaign
  • Force manual approvals for specific dates
Time Off Configuration

Leave Entitlement

Configure the workflow associated with users’ time off – does it accrue, does it apply at once


Set overrides for specific dates – holidays or those days leading up to and following

Auto Approvals

Configure what work groups receive automatic time off approvals

Approve Up To…

How many people or hours¬† you’re willing to auto approve by day by project and/ or campaign


Pending Requests

Cycle through requests for time off that have not been auto approved.

Before and After

Tabular and visual representation of each request’s before and after

Impact Analysis – Coming Soon

Understand the impact to your staffing plan when clicking approve or deny

  • Review time off requests that require manual intervention
  • Quickly and filter and group request history by user
  • Understand the business impact of your approvals
  • Automatically notify users of their request outcomes

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