Form & App Builder


Build forms that can be deployed to evaluate calls, screen members, even serve as a single plane of glass to integrate with your knowledge management system (KMS) or customer relationship manager (CRM).  This is made simple with drag and drop widgets and a low code approach.

What is form building, and why does it matter?

Running a customer service, technical support or sales team can be expensive.  Beyond the cost of labor, you need to equip your agents for success.  This often means buying expensive licenses.  If you decide to outsource, these sunken costs can balloon.  Having an integrated solution for building forms allows you to save on licensing costs that do a piece of the job.

How can you use this to level up your Consumer Experience (CX)?

  • Send after call notes to your CRM

    When a call is complete, load a post call form that sends your form data to an API aggregator like Zapier, or use our Proxy API to send it directly to your CRM.

  • Send a text message to a caller

    Send a summary of the call and next steps

  • Create a post interaction Quality Assessment (QA)

    Create forms that measure performance utilzing drag and drop widgets that score an interaction against your expectations.

  • Perform customer actions

    Interact with your own software's API to perform actions for truly custom solutions like granting access to a gated community, triggering a refund, resetting credentials, etc.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re here to make this transition as clear and straightforward as possible. Let Novel CX be your partner in enhancing your call management, improving customer interactions, and supporting the growth of your business.

Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how Novel CX can revolutionize your customer call experience.