Skill Based Routing

Once your interaction leaves your initial studio flow, you have complete control over who gets that interaction.

What is interaction routing, and why is it important?

Interaction routing is the process of looking at an interaction – a call, message, or other task – and knowing who should take which customer calls is key to efficient operations. With Novel CX, you gain the ability to easily decide and control which team member takes specific types of calls. This ensures that your customers are always talking to the best person to address their needs, streamlining your service and enhancing customer satisfaction.

How can you use this to level up your Consumer Experience (CX)?

  • Send leads to sales, and support to service

    If your staff specializes in an area, you can concentrate training and resources into a smaller group, allowing them to excel, creating better experiences for your consumers.

  • Suspend calls to staff until a criteria is met

    You may want to prevent newer staff from taking complex calls, or stop interactions for a group of agents until they have passed a training.

  • Prioritize experienced staff

    You may want calls delivered to your most seasoned staff, and if one is not available, then route that interaction to any available staff

  • Outsource after hours

    If you run a traditional business open 8am to 6pm, you may not have the staff to cover mornings or weekends, these calls can be outsourced to your professional Gig CX staff.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We’re here to make this transition as clear and straightforward as possible. Let Novel CX be your partner in enhancing your call management, improving customer interactions, and supporting the growth of your business.

Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how Novel CX can revolutionize your customer call experience.